Sand Blast

Sand Blast
image of SOMABLACK H

By uniform blast by fine sand particles, the irregularities of film surface can be attained to remove gloss and decrease reflexibility of the film.

Specifications of Equipment

  1. Sand blaster 3 lines
  2. Film width max. 1,850mm
  3. Drying temperature max. 120°C
  4. Off line defect detection is available.


Specifications of Equipment S1 S3 S4
Stage Header Normal Normal Normal
Line Normal Normal Normal
Coating Method Sand Blast
Area Treatment/Layer Outside Outside Outside
Material Species PET/PI PET PET/PI
Thickness, μm
25-250 50-250 50-250
Material Width[mm] Max. 1,100 1,850 1,100
Min. 500 - 500
Valid Width [mm] Max. 1,100 1,850 1,100
Drying Temperature(°C) Max. 120 120 120

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