Evaluation & Analysis

Evaluation & Analysis
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We are pleased to offer the world class services of quality control support for customers with analyzers and test devices of the latest model.
We are quite confident that our customersare beingsatisfied with our high- standard services based on the technologies of data evaluation.


[Measurement Devices]

  1. Film Thickness Guage
  2. Optical Density Meter
  3. Surface Resistance Meter
  4. Color Difference Meter
  5. Haze Meter
  6. Gloss Meter
  7. Surface Nature Meter
  8. Adhesive Force Meter
  9. Surface Roughness Tester
  10. Viscometer
  11. Contact Angle Meter


  1. PH Meter
  2. Spectrophotometer
  3. Digital Microscope
  4. IR
  5. Microscope FT-IR
  6. SEM-EDX
  7. TG/DTA
  8. TMA
  9. DSC
  10. GC-MS

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