image of SOMAGRAPH SDC-705CL

SOMAGRAPH SDC-705CL is a diazo sensitized coated film with a dimensionally stable transparent polyester base material.
It is suitable for use as the liquid photo solder resist or the dry film resist during printed wiring board production.


  1. The matte coating over the film surface makes it easier to release the air during vacuuming and offers excellent handling properties.
  2. Drawing with a pen is easily performed.
  3. It can be used in the bright room (under the UV cut fluorescent or yellow light)
  4. As it is developed with ammonium vapor, even the simple equipment can process it, and handling is easy.
  5. It has high light shading density against UV light and enough light shading property during the exposure of the liquid photo solder resist or the dry film resist.
  6. It has excellent dimensional stability. Even after the long time storage, the size change is minimized.
  7. The image produced has see-through light sepia color, which leads to easy registration work.
  8. It is resistant to liquid photo solder resists and solvent cleaners and highly resistant as well to scratches. So, it can be used without protective cover films.


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